What's in a Brand?

What makes a great brand?

Every company offers a product or service. But what makes one company's product or service different from another?

All cars accomplish the same task - to transport people from Point A to Point B.

But what's the difference between a Toyota and a Honda? What's the difference between a McLaren and a Lamborghini?

Features are comparable. How does a "fast" car compare to another "fast" car? They are both "fast" cars.

It's the brand values and brand story that makes the difference.

It's about taking something ordinary, and making it extraordinary.

How each company chooses to express the extraordinary is the difference.

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Brand Values & Touchpoints

At Juliette, we express our brand values through various touchpoints.


Our premium services boasts the use of black velvet hangers and multipurpose bags made from recycled materials. Our bags double as a laundry bag and garment bag. Both features reduce our carbon footprint and reduces waste eliminating the need for wire hangers and plastic. It also elevates the entire dry cleaning experience.


Since 2017, our dry cleaning process has always been organic. We never use harmful chemicals like Perchloroethylene, also known as "perc".


Clients can easily communicate with us anytime through our app, by stopping by our shoppe, or simply calling & texting.

Download our app here
Visit us: 247 W. 87th Street
Call us: (212) 877-9863
Text us: (315) 284-5689
Email us: hello@juliettecleaners.com

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Thoughtful Collaborations

Since launching my company in 2014, I have always enjoyed elevating the client experience.  

It's the story that people remember. It's the way you make them feel that stays with them.

2020 gave us the opportunity to further strengthen our brand story. By collaborating with other like minded business owners, we were able to create more thoughtful experiences for our clients and expand our reach into new demographics.

We partnered with Have A Nice Day Coffee, a local roasting company based out of Brooklyn and gifted our clients with their very own Juliette Coffee.

We chose to go with a custom blend from Brazil with notes of dark chocolate, dates, and marzipan. You could read more about the coffee blend here.

It's just another small way we show our appreciation to our clients.

We want our clients to start everyday with us.
Start the day strong, start the year stronger!

To a happier & healthier 2021!

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