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requesting a pickup is as easy as 1, 2, 3
New Yorkers are busy. So let's cut to the chase. You need your laundry and / or dry cleaning picked up, cleaned, and delivered back to you.
So just tell me where to pickup! Send me your deets in the chatbox or text me directly.

Text "juliette" to (718) 568-8830

Don't be sketched out. I promise you I'm a real person, and not just a robot. I'm a solo entrepreneur so I need to setup some automation to efficiently serve my clients.

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here are my details
I launched my company Sept. 2014.
We offer free pickup & delivery all over Manhattan from Financial District to 110th Street.
We pickup & deliver Monday to Friday, from 6PM to 9PM.
Laundry is returned in 24 hours and dry cleaning is returned in 48-72 hours depending on what it is.

Our 4 C's

We're cashless, consistent, convenient, contactless
We charge $1.30 per lb for laundry (10 lb minimum)
Dry cleaning prices vary depending on what it is. So if you want those prices, call our shoppe directly at (212) 877-9863

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we're organic!
I saved the best for last... we're completely organic and don't use any harmful chemicals in our dry cleaning process.
So here I am again... just let me know where to come pickup your laundry =)

Or just text "juliette" to (718) 568-8830

Still not convinced? Well then meet fellow New Yorker, and hedge fund trader Timothy Parks:

"I cannot think of a service more indispensable to my life than Juliette. Amazon, Uber, Netflix... all wonderful, but I would give up any of them without hesitation before Juliette. In an instant, Rechelle delivered a product that solved a decade-long struggle for me and many others in NYC: a timely, professional, high class, technologically-efficient laundry/dry cleaning service that operates outside the typical 7AM-5PM window."

Ok, that's it for me. If you still need more info, then browse around the website or just call our shoppe (212) 877-9863.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you choose to become a client!
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How Does Juliette Work?