Real People, Real Estate

Inspiration, Motivation, Mindset, Willpower

I started my first company back in 2009.  It was a boutique social media agency.  Facebook was just entering the digital landscape as a viable marketing and communications platform.  Seasoned advertisers and marketers were all scratching their heads as to how to integrate this new channel into their communications strategy.

That was my opportunity.  At that time, I was a 20 something year old with an insatiable appetite for achievement and recognition.  So I started my first company, Johnny Social.  We (I) provided social media training and strategies for companies looking to understand what this “Facebook” thing was.  I coached companies on how to leverage Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and blogs.  

It was a wonderful experience. I learned the true value of a dollar.  I had to convince companies why they should pay me X amount of dollars so I could raise their overall sales.  I loved it.  It required countless hours in front of my computer researching what social media was and how it was affecting us.

But perhaps the most challenging part of it all was finding the discipline to write out my thoughts and ideas into a coherent proposal with tactics, milestones, and metrics for success.

Inspirtaion, Motiviation, Mindset, Willpower.  Those are all things I’ve personally struggled with as an entrepreneur.  How do I find the discipline to just sit down and work?  In my experience, I have found that my environment plays a huge factor in my productiveness.  As a result, my home has been a cornerstone in establishing healthy working habits.

My home transitions between comfortable retreat and functional workspace.  There are two things I look for in an apt - sunlight and spaciousness.  Something about the sun’s rays just brings good energy into any home.  It revitalizes any space and makes it inspiring.  On the other hand, spaciousness can be quite tricky in a city like New York where the average studio rents for around $2,500.  But with a lot of research, some good luck, and the right agent, you can find your perfect home in NYC.

My friends at BOLD recently featured me as part of the their “Real People, Real Estate” campaign.  The message? People over properties.  

I spend a lot of time at home.  It’s my place of rest, and where I turn to when I need to focus.  Thank you BOLD for making it your mission to match people with a home that inspires them to be their best selves.

Check out this fun BTS of the photo shoot!


Videography: Ronnie Ocampo, Buhay Life

Photography: Chris Coe, Qualls Benson

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