How Does Juliette Work?

We meet the online & offline needs of the modern client.

We clean clothes. It's as simple and as easy as that. But it's how we do it that makes all the difference.

New Yorkers are busy. So we make it easy for them to request a pickup.

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We launched September 2014

I'm proud that clients have chosen to stay with us throughout the years.

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Join us on our mission towards sustainability

We are completely organic and do not use any harmful chemicals in our dry cleaning process like "perc" or Perchloroethylene.

We also offer black velvet hangers in lieu of traditional wire hangers. Simply request the black velvet hangers with your order. We charge $1 per hanger.

Instead of using plastic coverings, we offer a multipurpose bag made from recycled materials which can be used as a laundry bag and garment bag.

The use of velvet hangers and our multipurpose garment bags helps reduce waste by eliminating the need for wire hangers and plastic. It also elevates the entire dry cleaning experience.

You can purchase our garment bag for $30 and reuse it each time with every Juliette order.

So what are you waiting for? Text "juliette" to (718) 568-8830 to request a pickup!

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