A Guide To Juliette Tech.

A Guide To Juliette Tech.

You know how we’re always boasting Juliette is there for you at the touch of a button?

Well, this time, we’ll prove it to you. Step by step.

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Step 1:

Go to www.juliette.nyc on your phone, desktop, or tablet. Anywhere works!

Woo! You’re in now. Now, complete the registration form – full name, contact information, your street address… nothing too crazy, right?

Step 2:

Juliette picks up seven days a week between 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

As long as you submit a request for pick up before 8 p.m., we can pick up your laundry that same night.

So for step 2… put in that request!

Step 3:

Leave your clothes with your doorman. Simple.
Step 4:

It’s about time.

It’s always about time, especially for you, a busy New Yorker. And yeah, we know you know, but here’s how we make your life easier with this step.

Once you submit the request (step 2) everyone at Juliette gets alerted, and we rush to get on the go for you.

An automatic text message is sent directly to you and includes a live GPS link with an estimated time of arrival (ETA) so you can keep your tab on us.

But you could blink, and then get hit with another text basically saying, “Hey, we picked up your laundry.”

Fast? We know.

Step 5:

It’s the next day.

We’re texting you to charge you for our services – through the card you provided during registration – and that a driver is on the way with your rejuvenated clothes. You’re texted another live link and can do your happy dance as you wait for our return.

And that’s it.

Contactless, cashless and clean.

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