What's the Difference Between Washed & Pressed and Dry Cleaned for Men's Shirts?

When it comes to men's shirts there are several differences in washing & pressing versus dry cleaning - which also drives the price.

When a men's shirt is washed & pressed; water is involved. The shirt is laundered with soap and water. Afterwards it is automatically pressed by a large machine.

When a men's shirt is dry cleaned, no water is involved. It is cleaned with a solvent that contains no water; then it is pressed by hand versus machine, allowing for greater care for the shirt.

What is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is very similar to doing regular laundry except for two things:

1) no water is used

2) each garment is pressed by hand afterwards

Regular laundry uses water and detergent to clean clothes. However; when clothes are dry cleaned, they are cleaned with a solvent that contains no water. Hence the term "dry clean". Once the clothes have been cleaned they are then hand pressed to remove wrinkles; checked over for finishing; then packaged for delivery or pickup.

This is why dry cleaning is always more expensive than regular wash and fold. Each garment is carefully cared for and handled by multiple people.

So How Does It Work?

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Regular wash and fold is returned back to you in 24 hours; and dry cleaning in returned in 48-72 hours.

What is Juliette?

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